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Provides the user with an overview of all the employees such as doctors, nurses, attendants of the healthcare center.


The user can add new staff to the list and view, delete, update information of existing staffs from this module.

Billing Information

Billing information keeps track of all the medical expenses borne by the patients.


The user can add new doctor to the list and view, delete, update information like designation, email, contact number etc. of existing doctors from this module.


The user can add referrer list that has information like name, address, phone number, email address, agent contact details and referred test list with patient id and their details.

Online prescription

The user can create e-prescription and download in form of pdf.


This feature allows the user to view patients by month as well as add information of new patients. The user will also be able to view in-patients, tests recommended to certain patients and download prescriptions respectively.

Blood Donor

Here the user will be able to view information of available blood donors as well as add new donors to the list.


This feature provides appointment information of all the indoor or outdoor and laboratory tests patients.


Provides information of all the available tests, their categories, appoint patients according to tests and view the lists of patients for tests.


This feature provides information on the overall accounts of the hospital including daily and weekly payments of patients, expenses incurred, manage income and expense categories.


Doctor Consultant

You can see the patients consulted over a certain timeline by a doctor including all the test result information, their contact details, prescribed medicines.

Patient Payment Reports

The report consists of all payments received from a patient over a time period.

Income Report

All the income that have been received over a time is generated from here.

Referrer Report

This report provides information on commissions, tests provided over a timeline for a certain referral agent.

Patient report

You can see a patients’ medical history as well as their contact information, their assigned doctor, appointment and test details etc. The user can find details of previous and current patient information from this module.

Expense Report

All the expenses that have been done over a time is generated from here.

Balance Report

The report shows the breakdown of profit or loss incurred.

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